In 1986 at the height of the cold war a torch of peace was passed around the world. The First Earth Run, in partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund, directly engaged twenty-five million people and 45 heads-of-state in 62 countries. Twenty percent of the planet—a billion people—watched the torch via the media circumnavigate the globe. For 86 days wherever the torch of peace went all wars stopped and the world was united as one. 

The torch of peace was lit in a sunrise ceremony on the grounds of the United Nations on September 16, 1986—the international day of peace in the international year of peace. At that ceremony Grandmother Caroline, a keeper of the Hopi Prophecy, shared these prophetic words: the torch of peace launched from this Great Hall of Mica marks the great turning toward 1,000 years of peace. Pay attention to the signs as they will help guide its journey. Since then this modern-day mythic story embodying humanity’s noblest aspiration for peace on earth has continued to be told all over the world.

Now the signs indicate it is time for the torch of peace to be reignited to fulfill its prophetic mission of creating peace on earth. The planet’s wisdom keepers tell us that when ½ of 1% of humanity wholeheartedly believe peace on earth is possible (40 million people), there will be enough coherence of thought and emotion to shift our collective consciousness to make this a reality. But to create this future we need to believe it is possible. What we believe becomes our reality for better or worse. To shift humanity’s belief system requires a new story and the means to attain it.

That new story is called Peace on Earth by 2030. To achieve this, we are building a 40-million-person movement of DreamKeepers empowered with the seven actions that enabled the First Earth Run to unite the world and create peace on earth over its 86-day journey. These seven actions are designed as a global game that will take place between 2020 and 2030. With the torch held high we will experience the world we most want in our hearts coming into existence and witness the dawning of a new future for humankind!

A Call to Play

At this critical time when we are becoming more and more divided, this game serves as deep medicine to heal that which separates us. The First Earth Run’s seemingly impossible achievement of peace on earth for 86 days became possible because the world was so divided it needed light to remind us of the oneness of our humanity. It is time to build on this base camp achievement for humanity and make the full ascent to peace on earth in one decade!

We know in our soul as a species that we are primed for deep transformation to occur at this time. There are so many people of good will connected through social networks across the planet that with the right spark we can ignite a global fire that empowers humanity to fulfill its deepest dream. These seven actions for creating peace on earth have proven they can ignite such a global fire.

Is peace on earth humanity’s destiny? It can be if enough of us say: “I am willing to be one of the DreamKeepers and carry the torch to make it a reality.” We invite you to be one of the planet’s DreamKeepers and a sacred torch bearer for our future as a species!

May those of us living in the 21st century be known in the history of our planet as the heroic generation that brought goodwill to all of humanity and established peace on our beautiful Earth!