POE Zone Guidelines & Registration

Join the global movement to create peace on earth in your community. 

POE Zone Guidelines

  1. What is the POE Zone vision?

    • Beacons of light across the planet that hold the intention that peace on earth is possible.
    • Gathering places for renewing one’s faith in the future.
    • Practical applications of the seven peace practices.
    • Pilgrimage sites for seekers of peace from around the world.
  1. How do you define a POE Zone?

    • It is a geographically defined area like a building, block, neighborhood, district or entire community where the 7 POE practices are applied.
  1. How do you create a POE Zone?

    • An inspired individual or a community group decide to create a POE Zone and one or more Peace on Earth Teams (POETs). Or a POET completes the game and decides to declare a POE Zone and start more teams.
  1. What are the goals of a POE Zone?

    • The short-term goal is to create 1 to 4 teams to anchor the POE Zone.
    • The long-term goal is to achieve a minimum of 15% participation of the population of your POE Zone playing the game. This is the tipping point for these 7 peace practices to spread on their own and become the new norm.
  1. What happens in a POE Zone?

    • POETS take on community improvement projects that grow out of team members interests and community needs.
    • They apply the 7 practices in implementing the projects so that each initiative role models the values of the game and grounds them in the community.
    • They share their results with the world to inspire more communities to create POE Zones.
    • They exchange best practices with other POE Zones to continue evolving their impact.
    • Eternal Peace flames are established to radiate faith in the future and that peace on earth by 2030 is possible. They also serve as peace vigil spaces and places of reflection, prayer and meditation. Eternal flames can range from a formal installation to a 7-day candle.

Start Your POE Zone

Sign up for the Peace on Earth by 2030 game below as a team leader to unlock the ability create POE Zones. After you have signed up as a team leader come back to this page and register your POE Zone, and create magic in your community!