The Peace on Earth by 2030 Game is based on the seven strategies that ignited and enabled the world to come together in common cause to bring a torch of peace around the world in 1986 and create Peace on Earth wherever it went. These seven strategies have evolved into “The Game.” The Game is combined with robust social change tools carefully honed and tested in hundreds of cities with millions of people over these ensuing four decades. 

Register to play The Game August 2 to September 20, 2023. 

Peace on Earth by 2030
Opening Ceremony and Empowerment Frequency - June 17th

Oneness Meditation - June 18th

Unity Meditation - June 19th

Cooperation Meditation - June 20th

Abundance Meditation - June 21st

Love Meditation - June 22nd

Faith Meditation - June 23rd

About The GAME



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