What if enough people playing a game could heal that which divides us in our communities and create peace on earth in a decade?

Watch this inspirational video and learn about how to play the Peace Game!

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Our communities are beset by multiple divisions. As a result, the social fabric is frayed and, in some cases, torn asunder. The Peace Game is a call to action for those of us ready to go on a hero’s journey to reweave the social fabric of our communities and planet.

The Peace Game is built around 7 actions that empower people to live in harmony with self, each other, and the Earth. It grows out of the Hopi Prophecy activated in 1986 when a torch of peace, witnessed by a billion people, encircled the globe stopping wars, uniting the world, and initiating the great turning toward a thousand years of peace.

A key goal of the Peace Game is applying these seven actions to create Peace on Earth (POE) Zones that reweave a community’s social fabric and enable cooperation for the common good. And to do this planet-wide by 2030. If enough people play the Peace Game, peace on earth is the natural outcome.

With the torch held high we will experience the world we most want in our hearts coming into existence and witness the dawning of a new future for humankind!

Play the game and...

have fun

make friends

create community

make a difference

celebrate our common humanity!

At this critical time when we are becoming more and more divided, this game serves as deep medicine to heal that which separates us. We invite you to be one of the planet’s DreamKeepers and accept this sacred fire as a torch bearer for our future as a species!

A Non Profit Initiative of Empowerment Institute Center for Reinventing the Earth

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