What follows is the data analysis, assumptions and algorithms for the Impact Report’s quantitative metrics as of June 2023. It includes direct impact and indirect impact or long tail impact from the ripple effect where relevant.


  1. 1 billion people impacted by the First Earth Run: This is based on our estimate, and that of our partner UNICEF, of the amount of people who were aware of the First Earth Run through worldwide television and newspaper coverage.

    1. Note: This number is conservative as the story of the First Earth Run has continued to be told and retold over the ensuing four decades.

  2. 25 million people participated: This is based on an estimate of crowd sizes aggregated from various events across hundreds of cities in 62 countries and along the relay route.  

  3. 45 heads of state participated: This is based on our analysis of the number of heads of state who participated either directly or indirectly in the First Earth Run.

  4. 62 countries participated: This is based on the number of countries that either participated on the main relay route or tied in through torch bearers bringing the fire back to their countries.

  5. 300 plus cities participated: This is based on the number of cities we worked with across the 62 countries.

    1. Note: Thus is a conservative number as many more cities than the ones we directly engaged with participated.

  6. 1,500 plus cooperation for the common good projects: In each city we selected five cooperation projects to “shed light upon” and honor with peace medals. 300 x 5 = 1,500 projects.

  7. 200 plus POE Teams: This is based on the number of POE Teams that  participated in our alpha and beta pilots from 2020 to 2023. This includes 80 plus teams in Afghanistan and 40 plus teams across Africa.

  8. 1,500 plus players: This is based on each team containing approximately 7 players.

  9. 10,000 plus actions taken: This is based on 1,500 players taking on average 7 actions.

    1. Note: This is conservative as most players befriended between 5-10 people some many more. Each act of befriending was an action albeit we only counted it as one action. This number is therefore 5 to 10x this number.

  10. 3 million plus people impacted by The Game: This number is based on people between 2020 and 2023 who were players, directly impacted by the actions of players, indirectly impacted by the behavioral change ripple effect of the actions amongst family members, neighbors, social networks and community members. It also includes outreach to people through large community and media events. We conservatively estimate that each player of The Game directly influences 100 people who in turn influenced 20 more people. 150,000 x 20 = 150,000. 150,000 x 20 = 3 million people

  11. 34 POE Partners engaging their networks to play The Game and start POE Zones (new): list logos This is based on the number of POE Partners participating in furthering the Peace on Earth by 2030 movement through engaging their networks to play the Game and start POE Zones. This number is rapidly growing.

  12. 7 POE Zones (new) These are our seven pilot Peace on Earth Zones. Kabul, Afghanistan, Ghazni, Afghanistan, Butula, Kenya, Al Houz, Morocco, Crestone, UNited States, Cape Town, South Africa, and Awutu, Ghana.

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