Peace On Earth Zone

Doing Better Together

What is a POE Zone?

    1. A city or town applying the seven actions to reweave its social fabric and enable cooperation for the common good.
    2. A community operating from the seven peace on earth practices of oneness, faith, empowerment, unity, cooperation, abundance, and love.
    3. A community committed to peace on earth and the oneness of humanity.
    4. A gathering place for renewing one’s faith in the future.

How to start a POE Zone?

    1. An individual steps forward to organize a Peace on Earth team within their community.
    2. The team then organizes a “Reweaving the Social Fabric Cafe” to create more teams.
    3. When 5 or more teams have completed The Game the community is recognized as a POE Zone.


What are the criteria for a POE Zone leader?

  1. A desire to heal the differences that separate people in your community, and create greater levels of harmony and cooperation.
  2. Experience in community organizing.
  3. Experience as a group facilitator.
  4. A robust social network in your community.
  5. Dedication to carrying forward a long term transformational vision.

To start a POE Zone in your community fill out this application.