Global Online Peace Game: 12-2 pm ET (New York Time)

Global Online Peace Game: 12-2 pm ET (New York Time)

Global Online Peace Game: 12-2 pm ET (New York Time)

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Wednesday, Sept 25th – Nov 20th 2024

12 – 2pm (New York Time)

The seven actions of the Peace Game — empowerment, oneness, unity, cooperation, abundance, love and faith — are transformational practices that when collectively applied evolve a person into an emanation of peace and everything around them into manifestations of peace. They are practices which mean their impact deepens as one invests in them over time. There is also a meditation associated with each action to help internalize it.

The Peace Game is divided into four parts that represent the different facets of creating peace in one’s life and world. Action 1 on Empowerment focuses on capacity building, Actions 2 to 4 on Oneness, Unity and Cooperation focus on peace building, Actions 5 and 6 on Abundance and Love focus on field building, and Action 7 on Faith focuses on movement building.

At its essence the Peace Game is an empowerment platform enabling people to envision and create a life of peace for themselves and influence those in their world to do the same. At scale it can reweave the social fabric of a community.

Playing the Peace Game empowers, enlightens and transforms those players and communities who wholeheartedly engage with it. The Peace Game is a peace intensive and requires a commitment of time, intention and wholeheartedness to be played well.

The meetings are 2-hours and it takes, on average, 2 hours to implement the peace actions. Some actions take less time and are done during the week between meetings. Other actions take more time and are spread out over 2-3 weeks. The Peace Game App provides guidance on scheduling the requisite time needed based on the level of play you choose. The levels of play are based on the time and effort required.

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25-Sep-2024 @ 12:00 PM (EDT)


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