Location of the POE Zone. A POE Zone is a location within a city or town such as a block, a building, a neighborhood, or the entire community where POETs are formed and practice the 7 actions to create Peace on Earth by 2030.

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Louisville, Kentucky POE Zone (United States)


Louisville, KY


Louisville's 1st Team

Mission Statement


We embody the Seven Actions of the Peace on Earth by 2030 Game and spread them throughout the city.


Develop a vibrant Louisville POE Zone by seeding teams to play the Peace on Earth by 2030 Game locally and to establish POE Partnerships. We join other cities and towns across the world in a shared vision to create Peace on Earth by 2030 and are committed to helping make this a reality.


Cooperation, Relationships, Respect, Reciprocity


-7,500 + Dreamkeepers (people who have played the Game) in Louisville Metro by 2030. That’s our contribution toward 40 million worldwide by that year.

-Dedicate an eternal peace flame in Louisville as a pilgrimage site, lit after a torch relay throughout the city.

-Innovative Social Change 2.0 collaborations with our POE partners. We are just getting started, so more specifics to come as we go along.