Reweaving the Social Fabric Café

A Community and Peace Building Journey

Our communities, countries and world are beset by multiple divisions. We are one human family sharing one planet, but do not practice that reality very well. We separate ourselves by race, politics, economics, religion and ethnicity among other things. As a result, we have frayed and, in some cases, torn asunder the social fabric of our communities and countries. It is time to heal that which divides us and rediscover our shared humanity. It is time to take bold action – love thy neighbor. If that is too radical for some, at least befriend your neighbor.

This Reweaving the Social Fabric Cafe is designed to assist in this healing and transformation process through inviting you on a community and peace building journey. It is for those who are tired of complaining about the discord in our communities, countries and world and wish to take personal action to transform it. The world changes one person and one community at a time. It begins with each person making that choice.

The Reweaving the Social Fabric Cafe provides a pathway to making that choice and the tools to implement it.

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