Team Leader

Step by step to Peace on Earth

Step 1: Creating a better world: Starting a team starts with saying “Yes” to peace on earth and a more connected community. Then you gather a small group of like-minded friends, co-workers, family, or neighbors. People you’d like to spend more time hanging out with.
Step 2:  It’s easy, follow the steps: The Game is organized around seven actions, each with step-by-step guidance. And eight meeting guides that provide step-by-step agendas and scripts. Everyone takes the actions and the team divides up responsibility for leading the meetings.
Step 3: A journey: The Game is designed as a transformational journey. Each player’s life is the game and the team helps one another up level the quality of their life. In so doing they help create a more peaceful and connected world. As Team Leader, along with starting the team, your role is supporting your teammates in getting the most value from their journey. 
Step 4: What are you waiting for? To register as a Team Leader click on “sign up” in the navigation bar. After registering, you will be led to the Team Leader Roadmap with all the details. Again, just follow the steps and enjoy the ride.

To learn more watch the 8 minute video above.

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